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Choosing the Right Custom WordPress Development Company

Choosing the Right Custom WordPress Development Company
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Choosing the Right Custom WordPress Development Company

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In the first post we covered what custom WordPress development actually is, check it out at that link above if you haven’t already. Now we’ll take a look at choosing the right custom WordPress development company.

When you’re in the market for a fully custom WordPress website, who you hire to make it for you can literally make or break your project. So, how do you sift through possibly unexperienced freelance WordPress developers, agencies selling snake-oil, and actually legit website companies out there to find the right fit? Let’s dig in!

What to look for in the right custom WordPress development company

  1. Real WordPress Experience: Not just years of experience, but relevant experience. Have they made sites like yours? Are they proficient in PHP8, do they use the block editor, Elementor, or Avada (be wary of those devs) as their go-to?

    Have they worked with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)? Are they just plugin-happy and don’t care about the final product? Find out first before it’s too late.
  2. An Up-to-date Portfolio: Check out their past WordPress projects. Do they have custom WordPress website design and development experience that aligns with your own vision? Does their past work look like template hell? Is it custom?
  3. Reviews and Testimonials: What are their clients saying? Real-world opinions can provide valuable insights. This goes for what they’ve selected to show on their website, verified Google Business page reviews, and good ol’ LinkedIn.

Red flags when searching for a custom WordPress development company

  1. Lack of Communication: If you’re playing email tag now, it won’t get better mid-project. Lack of communication can be a glaring red flag when scouting for the right web development company or freelancer. If you find yourself playing email tag during the initial stages, this scenario is likely to worsen mid-project. Efficient communication is the cornerstone of any successful project.

    Web development projects need a fluid exchange of ideas and regular updates. If a prospective developer or company is hard to reach or slow to respond from the get-go, it’s a risky gamble to assume things will improve once the project is underway.
  2. Lack of Common Sense: Encountering a developer or firm that seems to misinterpret your requests, or delves into technical jargon, can be a red flag. It’s vital that both parties understand each other to ensure your project’s success. If they can’t grasp your vision or communicate in a simple manner, it could lead to a frustrating and fruitless endeavor.

    Web development is not only knowing the tech and code, it’s also the ability to translate complex technical concepts into layman’s terms. This fosters a collaborative environment and ensures that your project’s objectives are met accurately and efficiently, reflecting the common-sense approach that 3tone Digital prides itself on.
  3. Hidden Costs: Get a detailed quote upfront. Make sure it includes potential charges for additional features or services. We put our rates and prices right here so there’s no question, we find them to be reasonable and your ROI is always in the forefront of our work.

The technical side of custom WordPress development

While it’s not the end of the world if they’ve only used templates, you’ll find a much more future-friendly website development with web developers who practice custom WordPress development.

Custom WordPress development is not your average website setup. It’s an intricate process involving:

  1. PHP: Custom functionalities often require writing or tweaking PHP code.
  2. SASS: This preprocessor scripting language allows for more complex CSS, giving your site a unique and functional design.
  3. Advanced Custom Fields (ACF): Allows for adding custom data fields to your WordPress posts, offering more flexibility.
  4. Block Editor & Patterns: Utilizing Gutenberg blocks and creating custom block patterns can help in content management and site design.
  5. WordPress Consulting Services: Expert advice can guide you through the technical intricacies.
  6. Base Theme: Personally we like _underscores here at 3tone Digital, but there are plenty of other low-level base themes that let us build up from the foundation rather than fighting against the grain.


Selecting the right custom WordPress development company in the USA entails a thorough evaluation of their technical prowess and business insight. It’s not merely about coding skills; understanding your market, competition, and business goals is equally crucial for a successful project.

Ensuring you have a view of the company’s capabilities and how they align with your project’s needs is pivotal. This comprehensive approach in your selection process lays the groundwork for a fruitful collaboration, aligning with 3tone Digital’s pragmatic ethos in delivering top-notch, business-centric web solutions.

The 3tone Digital Guide to Custom WordPress Development Services:

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