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Hey Neighbors!

3tone Digital in Clifton Park NY provides full-service web design, web development, technical services, and hosting

Web Design
Clifton Park Web Design

Featured Web Design:
MARKED Restaurant

Being foodies here at 3tone Digital, we developed MARKED Restaurant’s vision until we were hangry using the natvie WordPress block editor.

We created a site that’s not just visually appealing but also robust and scalable, ensuring that it can grow alongside the restaurant’s ever-evolving needs (and menu).


WordPress PHP MySQL CSS3 Figma


25+ Years of Web Design & Development

From marketing agencies to startups to Silicon Valley to Clifton Park, our combined web design & development experience can help in so many different ways:

Web Design:

  • Planning: Designing your custom digital roadmap
  • Design: Bringing our plan and your vision to life
  • Development: Making everything work everywhere

Web Development:

  • Coding: Building with JS, PHP, CSS, HTML
  • SEO & Improvement: Increasing your site’s reputation and rankings
  • Maintenance: Keeping your website running smoothly

IT Support

  • Hosting: Housing your website in a secure and fast place
  • Domain: Securing the website address that leads to you

Let’s create digital awesomeness together, fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get started.


Coffee, Oysters, & Champagne

Project Background

Our client was so happy with our development of their restaurant MARKED (see our case study here) we were hired to create another for their Toronto establishment; Coffee, Oysters, and Champagne.

From OpenTable integration and mobile-responsive design to custom food menu filtering and modern aesthetics, we’ve crafted a website that’s as impressive as the restaurant itself.

Horse Racing Stable Web Development


Zilla Racing Stables

Project Background

A past client put us in touch with Zilla Racing Stables to completely overhaul and redesign their old website design, development, and branding.

3tone Digital provided design, development, and hosting services, making the site mobile responsive, much faster than the previous, and allows for central content management.


SUNY 518 College Connect

Project Background

3tone Digital wrapped up an exciting project for The State University of New York, “518 College Connect” was built for college sign-ups to SUNY.

The tech stack and customizations made on SUNY 518 College Connect offer a great study in what’s possible when you stray a bit from the beaten path.



Project Background

We were referred and hired by a previous colleague to redesign Wrapify’s blog templates, migrate existing posts over from WordPress to Hubspot, and switch over DNS to point to this new instance.

Utilizing HUBL, Sass, and Javascript within Hubspot’s design manager, Wrapify is now able to manage their blog posts in Hubspot.


Architecture Of The Soul

Project Background

3tone Digital was hired by Dr. Daniel Savoy to develop a website for his new book, “Architecture of The Soul”. The primary goal was to create an interactive platform that stands as the book’s online resource.

The site effectively encapsulates the essence of Dr. Savoy’s “Architecture of The Soul”, offering a digital gateway that complements and extends the reach of his scholarly work.


Saratoga County Websites

Project Background

Designed to specifically cater to local businesses in upstate NY, this new venture aims to boost the online presence of our company in the local SEO ranks of Saratoga County, NY.

Created with Elementor and built on the Hello Elementor theme, this site is fast! We know how crucial load times are for user experience and SEO, so we pulled out all the stops.


Saratoga Quality Hardware

Project Background

Shannon Rose Design hired 3tone Digital to develop a website for Saratoga Quality Hardware. The company wanted to create a new website that would showcase their products and services, improve their online presence in the local community, and be easy to update.

The web development project for Saratoga Quality Hardware was a success. The custom WordPress block theme and technical local SEO efforts have helped to improve the company’s online presence and connect with customers in the local community.



Project Background

Redshift Digital Marketing was looking to create a custom Elementor theme for Autonation’s employee benefit website. They turned to 3tone Digital to help bring their visions to life.

Our team worked closely with the Redshift team to understand their requirements and design preferences for the website. We then used Elementor to create a custom theme that was tailored to Autonation’s brand and aesthetic.


Edge Investments

Project Background

3tone Digital launched a comprehensive website for Edge Investments, including a migration, fresh web design, strategic SEO overhaul, and a complete brand refresh.

We adopted a lightweight tech stack and implemented customizations with a strong focus on maintaining optimal page speed performance and adhering to SEO best practices

Even offline, we’re all about creativity. Reina expresses herself through art and writing, and Tony finds his muse in piano keys and songwriting.

Problem solving web solutions

We love solutions and are crazy good at fixing and improving things by troubleshooting. No problem too big or too small!

Two tech-savvy BFFs who just happen to be married. Let us make your digital journey relatable & enjoyable.

Tony & Reina Ciccarone

As members of the local Chamber of Commerce and Saratoga Lake Association, we love staying involved in the community.

Locally Involved Web Designers

Proud Members Of:

Web Design Review

“Reina is so accommodating, friendly and helpful. We have been blessed with her excellent technical skills and creativity, combining what was formerly two websites into one beautiful, easy-to-navigate website.”

Jo Anne Robbins, Friends of the Library

Latest Project: 
Zilla Racing Stables

We combined design, development, and analytics to overhaul Zilla Racing Stables’ online presence. Our goal was to create a user-centric experience that highlights their services and dynamic data, increasing user engagement and inquiries. The website’s new design, marked by a clean layout and rich visuals, encapsulates the excitement of horse racing and is optimized for all devices, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Our Tech Stack

WordPress PHP MySQL CSS3 Figma
Clifton Park Neighbors Feature: 3tone Digital

3tone Digital featured in:
Clifton Park Neighbors

We’re excited to have been featured in Clifton Park Neighbors magazine! It was a fantastic opportunity to highlight the collective efforts and achievements within our community, thanks to the support from local businesses and individuals.

Our conversation with the magazine was a heartfelt reflection on how we’ve grown together with Saratoga County.

Our Website Was Featured on ABC10 & Spectrum News

Back in 2020, hospital patients in the Capital District were in urgent need of phone chargers and due to COVID restrictions, those accessories were in very short supply and high demand.

We ran a successful social media campaign, collecting over 1000 chargers on our homegrown website and donating them to local hospitals

We’re Nothing Without Our Peeps!

From startups to global companies to local businesses, our digital solutions span a wide variety of verticals and industries.