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Case Studies

Thinking of investing in a new website? Check out our most recent web design and development projects.

Web Design


Our Portfolio of WordPress Development Projects

Embarking on a web journey? We’ve got you covered every step of the way, from the initial sketch on a napkin to the final click that unveils your site to the world. Choose what you need from our suite of services:


  • Planning: Crafting your custom digital roadmap.
  • Design: Bringing your vision to life with style.
  • Development: Coding the backbone & function.
  • Domain: Securing the address that leads to you.
  • Hosting: Moving into the digital home for your site.


  • Optimize: Boosting your site’s reputation on the web.
  • Maintenance: Keeping your website running smoothly.

Whether it’s a simple site with just the essentials – think homepage, about, contact – or something more complex, we’re here to make it happen. Let’s create digital awesomeness together!

  • Web Design Restaurant in Canada

    Coffee, Oysters, and Champagne

  • zendesk web development

    Semper Loans Zendesk

  • local web design

    Saratoga County Websites

  • local web design

    NY’s New Frontier

  • restaurant web design

    MARKED Restaurant

  • higher ed web design


  • real estate web development

    Semper Loans

  • sports web design

    Zilla Racing Stables

  • higher ed web development

    SUNY College Connect

  • non-profit web development


  • lighting web design


  • dispensary web development


  • investment web development

    Edge Investments

  • eCommerce web development

    Saratoga Quality Hardware

  • Frankenflies

  • Interior design web design

    Kristina Crestin Design

  • healthcare web development


  • Healthcare web development


  • Fitness web design

    Bodylines Pilates

  • Spa web design

    Avalon Med Spa

  • LMS web design

    Projects Pivot

  • LMS web development

    Projects Practice

  • dispensary web design

    Misty Mountain Shop

  • Research book web design

    Architecture Of The Soul

Case Study: MARKED

We’re foodies here at 3tone Digital, we hungrily developed MARKED Restaurant’s vision into a digital reality by developing a custom WordPress Block Theme. Our expertise, although famished, allowed us to create a site that’s not just visually appealing but also robust in functionality and scalable, ensuring that it can grow alongside the restaurant’s ever-evolving needs (and menu).

Our Tech Stack

WordPress PHP MySQL CSS3 Figma
Web Development Portfolio Case Study Review

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Reina, here at Venture 4th Media for 5+ years. Her expertise in WordPress development, CSS, and SEO has helped us build 150+ websites that are built to last.”

Amy Aitman, Venture 4th Media

Case Study: 
Zilla Racing Stables

The website for Zilla Racing Stables is sleek and user-friendly, showcasing their expertise in thoroughbred racing partnerships. It’s built on WordPress with Elementor, ensuring smooth navigation and responsiveness on mobile devices.

Our Tech Stack

WordPress PHP MySQL CSS3 Figma