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WordPress Maintenance: Process & Benefits

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Our WordPress maintenance packages will keep your website healthy, secure, and up-to-date. The typical process involves a staging environment, updating WordPress core, plugins, and themes, backing up the website, testing forms, and ensuring overall security and performance.

Let’s see exactly what those steps involve by taking a deep dive into 3tone Digital’s WordPress maintenance packages, process, and benefits:

WordPress Maintenance Process:

Local Website Backup:

Before doing anything, we perform a complete local backup of your website, even if your website has cloud backups!

This includes all files, databases, and settings. In the event that something goes wrong during the update process, we can quickly restore your site to its previous state, ensuring that no data has been lost.

Pulling It Down To Staging:

We create (or reuse) a staging environment, a safe spot where updates and changes can be tested out without affecting your live website.

This ensures that any potential issues can be identified and resolved before going live, minimizing any potential downtime.

Updating The WordPress Core:

Keeping the WordPress core updated is crucial for security and functionality. We ensure that your WordPress installation is always running the latest version, incorporating new features, improvements, and security patches.

Plugin & Theme Updates:

Outdated plugins and themes can be a security risk and website performance killer. We’ll update all plugins and themes to their latest versions, ensuring compatibility and performance.

This step helps prevent any vulnerabilities that could arise in the future.

Form & Functionality Testing:

We thoroughly test all forms and unique functionality on the website being maintained to ensure they are working correctly, verifying that form submissions and events are processed, capture, and delivered as expected.

Security & Performance Checks

Our maintenance packages include security and performance checks. We scan your site for potential vulnerabilities, implement security measures, and optimize performance to ensure fast load times and a great user experience.

WordPress Maintenance Benefits:

Maintenance itself has many benefits, some of the most important being:

  1. Improved Security: 3tone Digital’s WordPress maintenance packages can keep your website and plugins updated, protecting it from security concerns.
  2. Improved Performance: Your website will perform better with regular upgrades and maintenance, improving user experience. This can boost your SEO, conversions, and overall site visitors and bounce rate.
  3. Time Saver: By handling routine updates and maintenance, our WordPress maintenance packages let you focus on running your business.
  4. Peace of Mind: We’ve been doing this for a long time now and we’re always here to help you with any inquiries or issues you may have.

If you want the best experience on your website, you shouldn’t miss out on the newest features and fixes. Get your WordPress site up and running smoothly and securely by signing up for our WordPress maintenance package today.

Learn more about our WordPress maintenance packages here

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