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  • Digertt


    3tone Digital is proud to unveil the newly redesigned website for John C. Digertt, Inc, a renowned name in commercial HVAC & fuel oil industry

  • Ascension Career Training

    Ascension Career Training

    3tone Digital Wordpress Development Project & Custom Elementor theme for non-profit: Ascension Career Training

  • Moving Mountains Massachusetts

    Moving Mountains Massachusetts

    3tone Digital was tasked with creating a website that would effectively convey the mission of Moving Mountains and provide easy access to its services. We provided custom theme development, ensuring that the site not only looked great but was also functional and user-friendly. Moving Mountains is a facility in Massachusetts designed to help disadvantaged individuals…

  • The Most User-friendly CMS: Wordpress

    The Most User-friendly CMS: Wordpress

    Wordpress is easy to use. It is made to be easy to use and understand, so people with different levels of skill can use it.

  • Wordpress Frequently Asked Questions

    Wordpress Frequently Asked Questions

    In this post, we will answer some of the most common questions about Wordpress. This post will provide valuable information to help you choose the right path and get the most out of your Wordpress website.

  • Client Review: Mike Grossman Consulting

    Client Review: Mike Grossman Consulting

    I have had the pleasure of working with Tony on several website development projects over the past few years and I can honestly say that he has been a true asset to my business. Tony is extremely skilled in his field and has consistently delivered high-quality results on every project we have worked on together.…

  • WP Web Development

    WP Web Development

    3tone Digital recently completed a web development project for Saratoga Quality Hardware, a local hardware store in Saratoga, NY. The company wanted to create a new website that would showcase their products and services, and improve their online presence in the local community. To achieve this, the team at 3tone Digital worked with the external…

  • Luice: Wordpress Web Development

    Luice: Wordpress Web Development

    Luice is a custom lighting business that we recently launched a new website for built on the Wordpress platform. The company wanted to create a professional and user-friendly online presence that would showcase their unique lighting creations and allow customers to easily browse and purchase products. To achieve this, the team at Luice worked with…

  • What Is Custom Wordpress Website Development?

    What Is Custom Wordpress Website Development?

    Custom Wordpress website development is the process of creating a unique website that is tailored to specific needs and requirements.

  • Maintenance & Care Plan Benefits

    Maintenance & Care Plan Benefits

    If you want the best experience on your website, you shouldn’t miss out on the newest features and fixes. Get your Wordpress site up and running smoothly and securely by signing up for our maintenance & care plan today.