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  • Amy Aitman

    Amy Aitman

    I have had the pleasure of working with Reina Ciccarone, our Tech Lead at Venture 4th Media for over five years now. I’ve seen firsthand how her expertise in WordPress development, CSS, and overall website and technical SEO troubleshooting has helped us build over 150 websites that are built to last. Beyond her technical expertise,…

  • Curt Brooks

    Curt Brooks

    Hi my name is Curt Brooks. I would just like to say I would highly recommend Tony from 3tone Digital. His coding and WordPress skills are excellent. If I have an issue or problem, he gets back to me right away and he’s just great to work with.

  • JC Lightcap

    JC Lightcap

    Hello, my name is JC lightcap. I run a fractional services company and I would like to sing the praises of Tony Ciccarone at 3tone Digital. We have been consistently impressed with his expertise, creativity, communication and frankly dedication to our projects. We trusted him with client facing websites and our own internal website and…

  • David Callisch

    David Callisch

    Tony from 3tone Digital knows web development and knows it inside and out. He helped us create a content management system from scratch and managed numerous other web development projects. His work ethic is second to none and he delivers quality work on time, every time. His eye for design is remarkable, which is rare…

  • Erik Kelly

    Erik Kelly

    I’ve used Tony’s WordPress development services for my professional artist website a few times now over the past couple of years, whenever I’ve run into something that’s over my head technically or I just don’t have the time to study up on. Recent examples: making the transition from http to https, and from WordPress 4…

  • About 3tone Digital

    About 3tone Digital

    3tone Digital is a web development, IT services, and digital marketing company that aims to provide outstanding client results and drive growth, margin, innovation, and execution for our clients.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Matt Sullivan

    Tony from 3tone Digital has played a key role in the development and success of our web properties. He has helped with the initial building and design of our public website, Zendesk, and mortgage application APIs, as well as ongoing optimization and improvement efforts. They have improved the user experience, increased site speed and performance,…

  • Mike Grossman

    Mike Grossman

    I have had the pleasure of working with Tony on several website development projects over the past few years and I can honestly say that he has been a true asset to my business. Tony is extremely skilled in his field and has consistently delivered high-quality results on every project we have worked on together.…

  • What Is DNS?

    What Is DNS?

    DNS, or Domain Name System, is one of the most essential parts of the internet. It is a system that translates domain names (like threetonedev.wpengine.com) into the numerical IP addresses that computers use to communicate with each other.

  • Mike Sparx

    Mike Sparx

    I have to say, the team at 3tone Digital really knows their stuff when it comes to IT support. As the owner of a recruiting company, I have relied on their expertise for a range of IT needs, and they have consistently delivered. The staff at 3tone Digital is not only exceptionally competent and well-versed,…

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