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Live Stream: Staying Open 24/7 (July 11th, 2024)

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Happy National 7-Eleven Day! Today, we’re discussing how to keep your website up and running 24/7, just like 7-Eleven. Did you know 7-Eleven started in 1927 as Totem and changed its name in 1946 to reflect their 7am to 11pm hours? They later went 24/7 in 1974.

Keeping your website operational involves several key elements: hosting, DNS, and your platform. It’s crucial to regularly check these components to avoid downtime. Your hosting provider plays a significant role in this. Low-quality providers can lead to frequent outages, so we recommend high-quality providers like WP Engine and Kinsta. These companies offer excellent customer service and reliable performance.

Preventive measures like firewalls and malware scanning are essential. For WordPress sites, WordFence is a great option, offering both free and premium versions. Regular updates to your site’s plugins and systems are necessary to prevent vulnerabilities. Think of it like maintaining a car or a house—if you neglect regular maintenance, problems will arise.

How to keep your website open 24/7

  • Hosting provider (reliability & uptime)
  • Server resources (e.g. php/memory/space)
  • Scheduling migrations & large updates during website lull hours
  • Load balancing / CDN / Redundancy 
  • Backups, updates & recovery methods
  • Security (firewall, malware scanning)
  • Website updates prevent downtime

Understand the foundation of your site and ensure regular maintenance to keep it running optimally. Take a bit of time each month to perform these tasks, or reach out to experts if you need help. Stay proactive in maintaining your digital presence to ensure your site remains open 24/7, just like 7-Eleven. Enjoy your day, and remember to prioritize your health and well-being over the hype of free Slurpees!

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