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What is website server migration?

Website server migration is like giving your online presence a new, high-performance engine. It’s about taking everything that makes your website tick – the content, the databases, the images, and the features – and moving them to a more powerful server that’s geared to make your site faster, more secure, and more efficient.

This is no small feat; depending on the originating server it can be a complex task of transferring files, ensuring databases talk to each other, and updating configurations without losing any of the intricate connections that keep everything running smoothly.

Done right, it’s a behind-the-scenes overhaul that your users won’t even notice, except for the sudden boost in speed and performance.

Website Migration Process

Our process of transferring a website to a new server is varies depending on a few factors; the originating server, the website itself, any CDN in use, and the destination server to name a few.

Sometimes website server migration is simple and without hiccups, other times it’s not – there are a lot of old server and DNS setups out there.

  • 1


    Whether through plugin or manually via FTP/SSH and PHPMyAdmin

  • 2


    Move the website onto the new staging server

  • 3


    Make sure everything is running properly

  • 4


    Update DNS entries to point to the new server

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