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What is website server migration?

Website server migration is like giving your online presence a new, high-performance engine. It’s about taking everything that makes your website tick – the content, the databases, the images, and the features – and moving them to a more powerful server that’s geared to make your site faster, more secure, and more efficient.

Website server migration is like upgrading your car’s engine. It’s about moving everything that makes your website work to a new, powerful server for better speed, security, and efficiency. It can sometimes be a complex task, but done right, your users will only notice the smoother, faster experience.

Done right, it’s a behind-the-scenes overhaul that your users won’t even notice, except for the sudden boost in speed and performance.

Website Migration Process

Moving your website to a new server? Our process is tailored to your specific needs, considering factors like the existing server setup, website size, CDN usage, and the destination server. While some migrations are straightforward, others require careful navigation due to older server configurations and DNS setups.

Regardless of the complexity, we’ll ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime for your online presence.

  • 1


    Whether through plugin or manually via FTP/SSH and PHPMyAdmin

  • 2


    Move the website onto the new staging server

  • 3


    Make sure everything is running properly

  • 4


    Update DNS entries to point to the new server

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