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Live Stream: Keyword Planning (June 27th, 2024)

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Video Transcript

And we are now live.

Music off.

That’s just yummy for National Ice Cream Day.

Ice Cream Cake Day.

Ice Cream Cake Day.

I thought Ice Cream Day first.

Oh, you did?

And I was like, Ice Cream Day because I looked up ice cream for a graphic and it said Ice Cream Day is a completely different day.

So I went and then checked Ice Cream Cake.

It’s Ice Cream Cake Day.


I love ice cream cake.

Yeah, you said once it was your favorite cake, right?


For a while, it was like a tradition.

We always had ice cream cake for my birthday.

Because it’s in June, the summer.

It’s like the perfect refreshment.

It’s ice cream and cake in one.

And the crumbles, the chocolate crumbles.


She’s gone.

Let’s go get ice cream cake.

Hello, where are you?

Where are you?


It’s my favorite.

I did it again with the mouse thing.

I don’t like this new mouse.

When me and Reina –

Oh, no. Don’t tell this story, please. Stop.

She would do crazy things, especially on the projector, like when people were presenting.

That was 10 years ago.

She would get crazy and frantic on screens and clothes, and things would pop up.

I had to move off the screen.

It was so stressful.

So here we are.

All right, I’m going to leave again due to that story.

Let’s show the other national park before we jump into it.

Over here.

One thing about Ice Cream Day, I just looked it up.

Ice cream cake was actually originally this frightful, tortiful, maybe.

But there’s no ice cream in that.

It was really yogurt and stuff.

This is where it came from, the Renaissance era.

And now it became this.

Carvel and stuff took over.

I know.

And they’ve changed the recipe over time.

Like I remember when I was a kid, they had so much more of the chocolate crumbles and now dramatically less.

It’s not the same experience because I don’t know if they’re cutting back on the good parts of the ice cream cake or what, but there’s definitely always, it always leaves you wanting more.

The thinnest layer of the chocolate crumble cookies.


Happy National Ice Cream.

We have National Sunglasses Day, which Brianna is practicing right now.

Yeah, I’m wearing my sunglasses.

Well, glasses that turn into sunglasses.


National Onion Day.

I’m a big fan of onions.

Her father eats onions.

He used to.

He used to just like, which I don’t know.

He used to.

Just take an onion and take a bite out of it.

I don’t know.

Does he still do it?

We should get him to join the live.


Does anyone eat onions raw?

I used to blend them into the juice shakes that I used to make.

Yeah, those were pretty gross.

PTSD Awareness Day, if you have PTSD and you are aware.


Those will sit here with your right hand.

And they say, I’m sure with the logo on it, you should have the logo next to the right side.

So when you shake someone’s hand, their eyes lead up to it and they see your logo.

I don’t know why.

It’s not like they can’t look at the other side.

National Orange Blossom Day.

I’m not sure what that is.

Bomb Pop.

We’re going to do those here.

National HIV Testing Day.

Definitely go get tested if you need to.

What is Orange Blossom Day?

So it’s the flowers from the orange tree.

I never knew that they smell like oranges.

Looks like you can use it for stuff like sleep and anxiety and circulation.



So happy National Days out there.

Let’s give the topic a hand right now.

All right, so today we’re going to go over Moz, which is a great tool to do keyword research.

This is specifically for SEO and improving your site on Google or search engines.

So we’re gonna use a feature that the tool Moz offers called Keyword Planner.

And there’s different fields that you can really utilize.

We’re going to focus on one specifically to be able to search the keyword that you want to rank for.

And it can provide you more details about it.

Like how many people are searching for this specific keyword and also provide you with other needed keywords.

So Tony’s gonna show us the platform and we’re just going to focus on that one piece of it because it’s so important.

A lot of the time that we have blogs that are just sitting there and they’re out there, but you’re not really sure if people are actually searching.

And this is a tool that will tell you about the volume of it.

And you can find ways to use different phrases and keywords within your headlines to help with your SEO for that particular blog.


Yeah, you can always, even if you have old content, it can be improved over time, especially if you’re linking newer content and vice versa, linking old content from new content.

I said Keyword Planner, but it’s actually called the Keyword Explorer is what we’re going to go over.

Yeah, I well so I was going here to this Keyword Explorer but I think it’s just time planning but yeah there’s like Google trends there’s planners inside of there but really it is kind of like a planner because you’re planning your content based off of keywords I guess you’re exploring the Moz.

So yeah the first thing we’ll do is this is a free Moz account.

They do restrict you.

You can see here, six out of 10 queries available until the 30th, which is three days away.

So I think it might be a few a week that you can do.

Our plans aren’t that expensive.

We are, so you decide whether you want to sign up for that or not.

So on a keyword, or there’s multiple things that you can start with.

Let’s see here, under a term or phrase, suggestions.

So you can also search by other things, like domains, pages, on domains, just your own domain.

You can search other people’s domains too, which is considered competitive research.

I’ve already said our country, but if you’re in a different country or a different area, or you’re just targeting for a different area, because there are different search key phrases different than where you live, so you can change that here.

I’m going to start with the United States.

I’ll try to say moment.

Ice cream cake or ice cream.

So let’s pretend that three times ice cream is an ice cream cake business.

It’s a good keyword.

I mean, just ice cream cake or like buy ice cream cake, maybe?

Yeah. Let’s say buy ice cream cake.

So we sell ice cream cakes, and we’re looking to write a blog post of something that’s trending in the ice cream cake.

Big ice cream cake business.

So I’m going to click on that.

And it could be like a bakery has specialty.

They sell ice cream cakes and they’re looking to figure out how to create content on how to have their ice cream cake stand out from ones that we see in the market.

Yeah. The shady ice cream cake place down the street.

So at the front, this isn’t the main screen that we like to use personally, but the screen will tell you, we’ll say the monthly volume, how many people are searching for one.

Difficulty so the higher the difficulty the more harder it is to get into the space and show your results towards the top.

Organic CPR what is it click through percentage of clicks through rates so this is the click-through rate when you actually search this term that they’re actually going through to the results without having to change their.

Wow it’s a hundred percent.

And priority. People really want to get their cake.

Yeah. This one, I guess, is a combination of all the scores.

This is nice and all, but I think the main place that we like to go to is the all suggestions page, which is going to give you an awesome.

Let’s not even click this AI. Who knows what that does?

Overview of terms that are related, questions people are asking, related topics, and all sorts of things that we’ll go over here.

So as you see, I searched buy ice cream cake, and it’s gonna start off by saying, well, here are the top suggestions that people are searching for.

There’s relevancy, that’s in relation to them.

Meaning if you search for ice cream, you might see things on here that are related to Blackpink’s song, Ice Cream, or, I don’t know, I can’t think of anything else to remember here.

How about the song of the last 90 weeks for this journey?

So that would be a high relevancy, obviously, because it’s not really ice cream cake.

Then we have monthly volume, and all of these are sortable, so you can search by term.

So more people are looking for Cold Stone, as you can see, which is a great ice cream shop.

We should definitely go there soon.

That’s the Boston Plaza.

We have the search intent.

So this is really making a generalization to the user’s intent.

Like, what are they trying to do? Is it a transactional intent, meaning they’re trying to purchase it? Or is it more of a journey, navigational? If you hover over it, it tells you exactly what it is. The user is searching for an online location or page of a website. So they’re not trying to make a transaction or purchase it.

Yeah, they really made some updates to this whole entire interface. And there’s even more for the premium but you really can get a lot from just the free version.

So what’s interesting is the monthly volume. And when you’re looking at this, you’re like, well, what do I do? There’s all these people searching for this. Should I use the highest monthly volume to include in my blog? Now the way we work and what we recommend is you want to go for the low-hanging fruit meaning you’re probably not going to compete with people who are organically who are actually having paid ads and things like that on so go for.

The monthly volume that isn’t so high, but you can still probably rank higher within that category. That’s what we suggest for our small businesses because there’s no point in going against the beast of advertising and dollars being thrown to get to that higher rating and compete at that level. Start low and really work to master that.

Yeah if you start low you can start to get traffic and build your way up to these organically and again like she said there’s so many sponsored I had everything on Google to get these keywords in front of people. And it’s weird. I always say that I don’t mind that unless I’m doing just click the top link sponsor stuff on Google. I always scroll past it, and I’m always confused on who clicks that, because I want to see the actual non-spammy, as I consider it, results, not something I paid to get on my face.

But it’s obvious that people actually click those things, so you can’t really find out.

The cool part, we think, is the questions.

The questions are going to give you How do you say that? Topics, really, right?

Yeah. This pulls from what people are actually searching for on Google. The top queries that are being currently used on Google versus top search engines. And they’re going to give that here. And what’s great about this is it gives you an idea of what your audience is searching for, how they’re formulating their search queries. And you can use that for, one, ideas new blog topics to really just looking at any existing content and saying, okay, our blog is about this topic. Let’s make sure we phrase it in a way that matches the search question. So this is a really cool tab here that you can really utilize for content strategy.

It gives you real-time metrics on how many people are searching for this and really what their intent is, which is really interesting that they’re able to pull that.

And notice that the AI is right over there.

It’s everywhere. It’s search intent.

Yeah. Like, how do you know what their intent is?

Yeah, it’s always creeping up everywhere.

Yes, you can also group by similarity in terms of, like, what these questions are to generalize it. So if everybody’s searching for what’s ice cream cake, and there’s other ones that are, what is ice cream cake? And another one, what is, maybe said wrong, like, what are ice cream cake? You’re going to group it into one group so you don’t have to see those side by side. Other ways to do it are including the keyword, which is going to say why a script cake has to be inside of the keyword, or the opposite of that, excluding the keyword, which is probably also a good way to do it, because sometimes we’re optimizing things. I was, at least, in saying web developer. People aren’t searching for web developer, really. I’m not sure of web developer.

So we’re using this kind of structure and excluding words to give you other terms like web developer. There’s also, we’re going to go over on how to actually utilize this data in a small example on Yoast and talk about a mistake that we made a lot. But there’s also closely related topics. This one, this can get a little crazy because obviously cornflakes, frappuccino, these aren’t highly related to what we’re looking for. But in terms of, if you’re searching for something different, these closely related topics, especially as a value stream. So we’ve got broadly related, which is similar. And similar, again, search, which is search engine position.

A lot of random. These are more local things I see here.

Yeah. Well, a lot of them have to do with, we’ll mention the town or city.

So even more specific based on location.

Yes. I mean, this is Moz. There’s a lot of Moz.

There’s the competitor. We’re not going to go over these things, but really just going to stick on this tab. Keywords and questions. But you can search by competitors. You can search by URLs. Ranking for a competitor and copy them. We’re trying to do it better. You can see what people are doing wrong too. Let’s see those low ranking sites. Let’s see. Why aren’t they up on top? So let’s just pick one. I was going to just go through the Yoast focus keyword. Unless you want to say. No. I think you covered it all. All right. Let’s just say where to buy ice cream cakes. So I have our blog open here. We use Yoast.

There’s many other SEO plugins for WordPress. There’s many other SEO techniques for everything, not WordPress, but other CMSs. There’s doing things with HTML, CSS, frameworks. For WordPress, we feel that Yoast, even just the free version, is awesome. It does enough where you can utilize the free version as a tool and multiple focus keywords over in a second. But usually for the most of our clients that we come in contact with, the free version is enough. Same with Ring. So you have more experience with Rank Math, but I feel like it’s more in-depth, right? Yeah, Rank Math has a beginner level, intermediate, and advanced SEO expert. So it allows you to take control of a lot of different SEO it gives it in your hand to be able to really use your expertise and do more than what Yoast can provide, which is good and could be a little risky. Yeah. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s definitely risky. I guess. So this is where we would enter in the key phrase. Yeah, so the focus key phrase. So one thing I wanted to mention here, I’m just going to drop it in here.

One mistake that we see, somebody will, so focus keyword, what this really says is, it doesn’t have anything to do with SEO, honestly. It pretty much tells Yoast, hey, this is what I want to rank for. And then Yoast will say, okay, cool. Then you should do all this stuff. And this stuff is what you can use around. So one of the things people do is put a lot of stuff in there, which doesn’t make any sense because that would never be a headline on the page, text, an image, alt tag, nothing like that. Title, so it’s best to keep this short and literally focus key phrase, which spans forward. And what do you want to focus this page? What key phrase do you want to focus this page to be about when Yoast is saying, we’ll help you make it, right? So, oh yeah, and the other thing, one other thing that people do is that’s crazy. So don’t do those things. It should be a normal, if you’re going to use this and utilize it right, do it with a searchable sentence or key phrase or a word that’s not about the or something wrong.

So where to buy ice cream cakes, again, this is where I got this from, was the questions page of, this is a very general example. So you can go in here and click SEO analysis. This is going to be a sad face because there’s no content. And it’s going to tell you these things. It’s going to say, hey, you need to use the key phrase in the SEO title. So the first thing you can do is we’re going to do very general data. Drop it on the SEO title. And when you do that, you’re going to see that lights up green. Good job. And it’s going to say, hey, you need to use this in the meta description here. So obviously, you’re not going to just put this. You can say, learn how and where to buy ice cream cakes in Boston Park, New York. And also, for the SEO title, you also want it to look good in the sense that that’s what, yeah, exactly. You want it to actually, and then you might even do a pipe and then the name of the bakery. So when people are able to search, they can see it. Yeah, I mean, this is the way you should be. If you’re going for SEO and not the look of what it looks like, which is the point of this piece or the point of this post, put as much information in there as you can until this turns red so you can see here if I start typing it. You’re going to go over the amount that Google will display in the Google search result.

So you just want to keep it in the middle. You can do a little like I did. It’s never too little. Yeah, that’s weird. It could be like, where? It’s kind of deceiving because it says it will be in a green, but that’s not ideal for somebody to see a page that just says where. Exactly. So next, I’m going to… It looks like my history or something. We’re going to just generate paragraphs up in there. Because the next thing it says is text length. The text in zero word is far below the recommended amount, 300. So we’re just gonna drop some alarm at some point.

We’re gonna see that go away. Now you’re gonna see a bunch of other things pop up, because now you have content. It’s gonna say, hey, you need an outbound link, in which case maybe you wanna put two

on, or Vikings, or maybe the history. So you would say, just get one link here. See that turn green? Now there’s an external link, and that moves to the bottom. You have an internal. It’s not going to go through each one of these, but you can see that you’ll say there’s no images on the page. And when you do put in, they should be related to the content. I do not have an ice cream cake image on the site. I do have other things. Well, you could show them the way WordPress pull in the images from the community. Oh, like the Openverse? Yeah. Why don’t you? So WordPress, one of the newest features is there’s now media. I think if you go back, it just hit media. I was on the other side. You’re switching like me now. No, don’t click on… You’re going too fast. Go on with three bars. All the way to the top, yeah. Or no, two plus. And then, yeah. Oh, yeah. There we go. I just haven’t used it. I usually go there. Oh, I got it, I got it, I got it. Yeah, so this right here, this is free. These are my images. That’s cool. I didn’t even know you could see your images on there. Learn something new every day. So the Openverse is pretty much a user-generated, open source, writing congregational WordPress that’ll let you search images. So if I have my Instagram page. Yes. That looks like a neat cake. Yeah. So you can undo. Just find a real piece of ice cream cake. What if you just do ice cream? Sometimes, depending how it’s classified, there’s actual ice cream. Gross. So now you’re going to see, as we eat. Cupcake. See, that is gone. One good thing to do is to optimize. So where to buy ice cream cakes, that’s the alt tag. You can also do the caption or just make it girl eating ice cream. And go down these so really what happens next is it gets deeper down the rabbit hole where it’s saying hey you should also have a header or a heading that is talking about where to buy ice cream cakes and you should use that terminology inside of your content as well and when you use that terminology inside the content sometimes it should be linked to other things on your site you know so once you start satisfying this list these things as it was read before now it’s orange will turn green and then you’ll have a fully optimized page utilizing keyword submissions or questions or anything really and if you utilize this right you can really boost your ranking position in Google because you’re writing about something.

You’re not AI, unless it’s AI just listening to this and don’t take our advice.

You’re writing from the heart about something that you own, that you are into, and that you have experience with and knowledge.

And and utilizing not such a standard way.

Yeah, and I would also say for the title, you can create a title that is from the keyword suggestion.

So top, let’s say you make it into a listicle as they call it, where you can say top five places to find an ice cream cake.

Yeah. So write the title up on top where it says add title.

Where to find the top best places to find an ice cream cake.

Yeah, so I mean, this is kind of a little weird, you can always try it.

Oh, sorry. Let me just finish my thought. So then it would be like in the blog, you can highlight five locations or something like that where you’re not only just showing you create cakes, but there are also other cakes in the area as a generalized post for the user intent. Or if you want to just focus on your bakery, you can talk about the ingredients within it and where the best ingredients are for ice cream cakes and things like that. So you can really create it, give it its own spin based on what the user is looking for. What were you going to say?

I was just saying you could put the title on the title, the keyword, the focus keyword, and it doesn’t have to be exact. It will have to be exact to satisfy this list right here, but you can use variations. Obviously there’s not many people are all searching for, we have to buy ice cream. That’s kind of a crazy thing to write on Google, you know? So I think saying, hey, how are people Googling this? How are people looking to buy an ice cream cake? and put that in the headers, put that alongside this content that you’re also focusing on. It doesn’t have to be exact. It doesn’t have to only be exact, really. I think adapting upon something and saying this is the reverse of this happens, how people Google search, you know, like, ice cream cake, like, cake ice cream. So it doesn’t always have to be exact. So, yeah, that’s pretty much an overview of you’ll see these readability and SEO scores. And RankMath, I think, is the same way. It doesn’t give you some sort of score.

Yeah, it’ll give you percentages and different scores. They give you a little bit more information on the ranking and things like that.

Mm-hmm. So that’s Moz, the Keyword Explorer. So if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, it is a free tool to use. And even to just get in there and play around with it, it definitely gives you information that you can use.

So good job, Tony. Yay. Want to do your final word?

Oh, my final word of the day. I’m trying to remember what that was. Back on music. Justin Bieber now. Where is Justin Bieber?

He’s doing good, bad. I’m like, I root for the kid. I think they’re expecting a baby.

It’s baby season. If you don’t know, now you know. Everyone’s having babies. So he’s expecting, so maybe he’s focusing on his family and being a new daddy.

Shout out to all the new daddies out there.

Yeah, shout out. Maybe more enthusiastic.

Yeah, woo! There’s the sound effects.

So my final word is really about strategy and really strategy is about exploring like we kind of did today, understanding what works and what doesn’t, and you have to start somewhere.

So when you’re really building your strategy, a lot of it is understanding what not to do. So understanding what the data is and knowing, okay, this would work best for our business. We know no one’s searching for this keyword. So why are we going to spend 10 blogs about it? You got to save time and make smart decisions. So in order to do that, you have to look at the data and the data will create the framework for a good strategy.

So, those are my final words. Go forth and strategize.

Go forth and strategize. Quoted by Reina.

Reina. On this national ice cream cake.

National ice cream cake. You know, we’re not going to link anymore. Let’s take these to talk seriously.

What’s going on, LinkedIn? Why are you doing this? Is there a bug?

They changed the way their applications work.

Moving forward, breaking news. All live streamers were kicked off of LinkedIn, right?

But we can share with like YouTube and things like that.

I was thinking of actually setting up our own RMTP, I think it’s called, excuse me, server. And that you can actually like, do you know what is weird? Cause like we would say, hey, don’t utilize all these social networks and have it your own like a website or streaming. We can actually stream to all websites.

Oh, that’s cool. Maybe we try that.

That is also a great service because I know businesses would be interested in that, to be able to stream directly to your website or let people know that you’re live on these networks right away. And you can do it. Go to YouTube, and when you start a stream, it will automatically start a YouTube session. This stream is starting. And then you can share that on your website, of course. But if you’re not going to utilize other third parties like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc., even on LinkedIn, it’s so weird. LinkedIn, I just got into you. Now we’re through with it out.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.

So it’s not too like we’re kicked out of LinkedIn or anything. Maybe we did get kicked out. They’re like, we’re tired of seeing you guys. You’re doing too much.

We lost count too.

We just spent a lot of days.

We have a gallery right on our website.

I know, but like mentally lost count. We’re on week three.

Yeah, we’re on week three, I believe.

Maybe it’s really day 21, something like that.

Thursday, we’ll see.

It’s day lucky number 21, last year, and let us describe.

My favorite number.


Yeah, 21 was when I played soccer.

Fun fact, I was a soccer player in high school.

Not a varsity player. I was like a carried away soccer player. I was just a JV. I played until junior year. But that was my number, 21. I enjoyed soccer. I feel like soccer’s a good, fun sport.

A lot of running now.

I might as well run track. It’s all running.

Pure running.

But very exciting all at the same time.

Yeah. It’s a lot of running.

I like 21 Savage.

We’re talking about sports.

I know, we’re talking about 21.

Oh, yeah, the number 21.

Yeah. It’s 21, 21 Blackjack.

Yeah, it’s a lucky number.

21 Blackjack.

It used to be one of the first card games I played.

21 Blackjack.

Yeah, I never played, like, in Vegas or anything yet. Or the casino.

Actually, no, we played at the casino. We won a little bit on a slot machine, like $60.

We didn’t play blackjack, though. I was afraid.

Yeah, we did. Well, on the machine.

Oh, I see.

I’m afraid to play with people because I feel like it’s going to be like that situation.

You’re like, where’s my calculator?

Yeah, they’re going to think that I’m cheating or something because it’s all weird and trying to figure out what’s going on.

It’s a different dynamic, I think. I’ll do the machines.

The machines can’t judge you. I guess they can. This guy doesn’t know what he’s doing. He doesn’t even know what H1 is.

Alright, well, oh yeah, the music has been on in the background.

Let’s turn it up. Justin Bieber.

So, if you guys can, get some ice cream.

Go for it. Ice cream.

Have a great day, everybody.

See you next time!

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