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Live Stream: Digital Independence (July 4th, 2024)

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On this special Fourth of July episode, we start our day with Americanos and patriotic attire, setting the tone for a discussion about digital independence and the importance of owning your online presence.

Digital Independence

We introduce the concept of digital independence, emphasizing the liberty to own your domain and website. We highlight the significance of having a personal website that you can manage and express yourself on, independent of third-party platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

The Importance of Owning Your Domain

Owning your domain is crucial because it ensures you have control over your online presence. We explain that relying solely on website builders like Wix or Squarespace can be limiting, especially in terms of SEO capabilities. We advocate for taking the first step of purchasing your domain and then connecting it to a website for full ownership and control.

Choosing the Right Platform

We shift the discussion to the benefits of using open-source software, particularly WordPress. While there are other options like Drupal, we prefer WordPress for its flexibility and the robust community support it offers. Open-source platforms allow us to customize and enhance our websites without the restrictions imposed by proprietary website builders.

Freedom to Be Your True Self

One of the key reasons we left our corporate jobs to start 3tone Digital was to embrace our creativity fully. In our past roles, we felt stifled by corporate restrictions, preventing us from exploring our ideas and expressing our true selves. By creating our own company, we gained the freedom to innovate and implement our ideas without unnecessary approval processes.

The Role of CSS in Web Design

We dive into the technical side by discussing CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and its role in web design. CSS is a powerful tool that allows us to globally update and maintain the design of a website efficiently. We share our love for CSS and its ability to enhance the visual appeal of websites.

Celebrating the Fourth of July

In the spirit of the holiday, we express our gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy in the United States, including the freedom to build and manage our own digital spaces. We plan to celebrate the day with family and friends, attending a local parade and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

We encourage everyone to explore their digital independence by owning their domain and website. Whether you have a business or simply want to express yourself online, having control over your online presence is empowering. Embrace your creativity, learn new skills like CSS, and enjoy the freedom to be your true self online.

Thanks for joining us on this special Fourth of July episode. Have a wonderful day celebrating with your loved ones, and remember to embrace your digital independence. Happy Fourth of July!

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