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Live Stream: Digital Emergency Services (7.2.24)

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Takeaways on Digital Emergency Services

We here at 3tone Digital often act as firefighters. When things go wrong with a website, we step in to put out the fires and fix issues quickly.

In addition to website design, development, and digital marketing services we are always almost always online and offer Digital Emergency Services aims to resolve urgent problems with websites, usually within only a couple hours time!

Broken layouts, white screen of death, WordPress updates, malware, DNS, server issues, and more.

Typical website issues we cover in this live stream:

  • Visual Issues: Formatting issues, broken images, or missing content – these problems often occur due to plugin updates or server issues.
  • Random Code: Sometimes, you might see code displaying on your site where it shouldn’t be. This can happen if scripts are copied incorrectly.
  • White Screen of Nothingness: The dreaded white screen means your site is completely down. This often requires investigating error logs and isolating the issue.

Prevention tips:

  • Regular Backups: “Always have backups of your site. Depending on how often you update your site, schedule regular backups.”
  • Local Backups: “Keep a local backup on your computer in case server backups fail.”
  • Know Your Credentials: “Ensure you know your DNS provider, hosting credentials, and CMS login details. This is crucial for quick troubleshooting.”
  • Contact Info Updated: Keep your contact information, especially phone numbers, updated to ensure you can reset passwords if needed.

In web development, being prepared is key. Know your website credentials and keep regular backups to prevent and quickly resolve issues.

Reina’s Final Thought:

Stay prepared and keep your site information up-to-date to handle unexpected issues efficiently.

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