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The Friends

2024 | The Friends of the Clifton Park – Halfmoon Library Website Development

Friends of the library web design


This was a complete website redesign project that significantly enhanced user experience and engagement. With the implementation of modern aesthetics and intuitive navigation, we revitalized the website’s visual appeal while elevating its functionality. The redesign not only captured attention but also improved usability, ensuring visitors can easily navigate and interact with the content.

Friends of the library web design

Here are the before and after visuals of the home page, showcasing the comprehensive design overhaul. The left image shows the home page design using Weebly CMS and the right image is the modern website design using WordPress CMS.

The new website played a pivotal role in enhancing the organization’s image, consolidating its visual identity, and refining its communication strategy. It unified the representation of all Friends programs within the community, creating a cohesive brand presence.


― Unified brand representation

― Improved online visibility

― Strategic brand alignment


― Visual positioning

― Visual identity system

― Effective message delivery


― Community building initiatives

― Consistent brand communication

“We’re thrilled to see our online community thriving and look forward to continuing to support Clifton Park-Halfmoon library patrons with our new website.”

After launching the new website, the Friends experienced a significant uptick in visitor traffic and engagement. The revamped website not only attracted more users but also fostered deeper interaction with their community events and community programs. The reception from the library volunteers has been overwhelmingly positive, reflecting their appreciation for the enhanced accessibility and functionality of the site.

Beautiful, User-Friendly Experience with Expert Assistance

β€œReina is so accommodating, friendly and helpful. We have been blessed with her excellent technical skills and creativity, combining what was formerly two websites into one beautiful, easy-to-navigate website.”