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Nominate a Business

Nominate your favorite local business website in Saratoga, New York

Web Design
Saratoga County Web Design

Do you know of a business, organization or individual website in Saratoga County that should be nominated for…

  • Having great informative website content?
  • Features an attractive website layout?
  • Demonstrates ease of use on mobile devices?
  • The website has functionality that benefits users?
  • Shares inspiring stories of community members making a difference, fostering a sense of unity and pride?

The website will be judged for ease of use on mobile devices and responsive overall design.


🏆 1st Place Winner
Awarded to the overall best website that embodies excellence in design, functionality, and user experience.

Gallop for Great Content:

Recognizing the website with outstanding and engaging content that keeps visitors coming back.


  • Must be a business in Saratoga County, NY
  • Must have a website that is currently live and is public to the community
  • Must be a website that is used to share information to the public and provides the community with a benefit, whether that be a product, service or information.

Why Participate?

  • Recognize great websites that do a great job of providing info to the community in a simple but effective way
  • Connect with the local business community
  • Win a local awards and recognition
  • As a website user your feedback matters

Saratoga Website Contest

Fill out the form below to nominate a Saratoga business.