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Moving Mountains Massachusetts

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3tone Digital was tasked with creating a website that would effectively convey the mission of Moving Mountains and provide easy access to its services. We provided custom theme development, ensuring that the site not only looked great but was also functional and user-friendly.

Moving Mountains is a facility in Massachusetts designed to help disadvantaged individuals and victims of domestic violence get back on their feet. With a focus on supervised housing and education, Moving Mountains helps individuals aging out of foster care, those who have completed a substance abuse program, those who have been released from incarceration, and victims of domestic violence.

Framework: Wordpress
Theme: Hello Elementor
Languages: PHP, Sass, CSS, HTML
Hosted on: WPEngine
Release Date: 1.14.2023

We handled all aspects of site deployment, including domain and DNS management, and made sure the site was fully responsive for optimal viewing on all devices and is proud to have played a part in creating a platform that will have a positive impact on the lives of many individuals and communities.

Check out their new website here!

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